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Curious: You are thoughtful. You have questions about yourself, your life path, and the world around you. You are not turned on by superficial, surface-level conversation; you like to go deeper.

Conscious: You are self-aware. You see yourself as a constant, ever-evolving work in progress. You enjoy thinking and talking about ideas and various ways of being. You might describe yourself as “spiritual” or simply “open”.

Creative: You like to engage with the world around you. You believe life is an interactive, participatory experience. You see yourself as being of value and having a unique purpose.

Committed: You are a woman or man of your word. When you commit to something, you see it through.

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 ☝ Independent woman memes got me like 🤣. AT THE SAME TIME...THEY WORRY ME LADIES... Here's why! ::⠀ First let's get this outta the way: Is investing in self-love important? Yes. Is honoring your independence and self-sufficiency powerful? Fuck yeah. Is it a wise choice to choose yourself and learn how to take care of yourself instead of relying on someone else to do everything for you? You bet! But can we have TOO MUCH OF THIS INDEPENDENT SELF-SUFFICIENT WARRIOR PRINCESS FUCK ALL Y'ALL VIBES?  Yuppers. Truth be told, we can have too much of anything.⠀ ::⠀ Cause independence is great but so is intimacy and connection. Self-love is wonderful but so is loving (and being loved by) others.  Self-sufficiency is strong AF, but relying on people you trust who get you is like, exceptionally magical-joyous.  We need each other, y'all. And we need men! Men are so fun. The good ones are fucking great. We love them, don't we? We want them, right??⠀ ::⠀ They smell different and act different and are fun to look at in the morning. They have scruffy faces and taking showers with them can be a blast  and sometimes you wanna ask him to open the pickle jar even though you can, cause hell--it's fun to have someone do it for you now and again. 🤷‍♀️ Men are my jam. And my jelly. And if I convince myself I DON'T NEED THEM and I JUST NEED ME and THEY'RE OVERRATED then, well, I'm lying to myself.⠀ :: ⠀ And lying to ourselves never works. Investing in our independence without watering the garden of connectedness and interdependence is kinda sad. Convincing yourself you can do everything by yourself, for yourself, all the time, is usually not where the maximum level of YAY is. It might be where the safety is, or the warrior princess vibes are, but I don't know a warrior princess alive who doesn't wanna get spooned by a fucking viking every now and again.⚡️⚡️ ::⠀ I'm speaking in images and metaphors and cracking jokes but we get this, right? We know we can honor ourselves AND be open to others? Take care of ourselves AND allow them to care for us? We can have our independent woman cake and eat the right guy, too?  I hope so. Cause that's a fabulous, tasty time. Yum.   Believe in ease. Trust ease. Get used to ease. Choose ease. Align with people, places, and things, that feel easy. ⚡️ Get cozy with ease. Get comfy with ease. Make ease and chill and mellow your full-time jobs and whole-hearted pursuits. Cause ease is where it's at. So consider: Can you let it be eeeasy?   This one's for the people-pleasers in the house.  What up squad?! I SEE YOU. I FEEL YOU. I AM A RECOVERING ONE OF YOU.  ::⠀ Why is it so fucking hard to say no sometimes? Well, cause you're a good person you sweetest of hearts. Because you don't want to disappoint people or let anyone down. Because you're afraid if you say no it means people will run away and think terrible things about you or even worse, SAY terrible things about you, and other will agree.  Because you have this idea that your good-ness, your worthiness, your approval and acceptance, is based on how much you can please and accommodate everyone. But it's not.⠀ ::⠀ The biggest, meatiest lesson in learning to say no is recognizing that just because you say NO, that doesn't make you BAD. ❌❌❌ It doesn't make you selfish, or cruel, or unkind. Learning when and how to unapologetically share your NO just makes you wise, mature, and sane. ⠀ ::⠀ Now because this is planet earth, and we are (fortunately but also unfortunately) dealing with other humans, we have to acknowledge that we might disappoint people with our no's. We might let someone down. Or piss someone off. And they might think/say not nice things about us. And yup--that's about THEM. Your job is to protect your peace of mind and align with what is good and right for you in each moment. And sometimes saying no will be part of that. :: So own your no. Share your no. Shine a light with your no so others can also learn it's actually okay to be like "NOPE CAN'T," like a loving but unapologetic boss when need be!  :: Pause and think about your week coming up -- is there anything you're dying to say "no" to?? 🤔 What is it? And what will it take to utter that simple but powerful 2-letter declaration?? Tell me in the comments!   You're not a MESS. You're a S'MOOORE!!!  Time to get down with your ooey-gooey-goodness, gorgeous. YUM.❤️ • • • • • #InstagramQuotes #QuoteOfTheDay #WordsOfWisdom #CreativeWriting #GirlsWhoWrite #RelationshipGuru #ExploreToCreate #WorldCaptures #LoveLife #RelationshipTips #FreedomThinkers #TravelGirl #CityGram #StayAndWonder #IGGlobalWomensClub #VisualsOfLife #FeatureMeInstaGood #ShareMyStyle #DatingAdvice #HealthyFriendships  ☝Words from my latest blog post on ONE HUGE HARD REALIZATION I've had over the course of existence as a big-time Lover of Love!! ❤️❤️ Take heed: Scraps are not enough, and hot stoves don't make for good boyfriends...🤔 :: If you sometimes fear that you are just wired wrong, or that you missed a very important romance-related memo, or that you can't seem to get this whole "relationship thing" down right to save your life, I wrote this one for you.  And for me too, like a decade ago. Cause she was so sweet and good and lovely but so fucking confused. Thank the Lordy above for all the lessons and the people who shine a light and lead the way. ⚡️ :: Link is in my bio; go read!  • • • • • #InstagramQuotes #QuoteOfTheDay #WordsOfWisdom #CreativeWriting #GirlsWhoWrite #RelationshipGuru #ExploreToCreate #WorldCaptures #LoveLife #RelationshipTips #FreedomThinkers #TravelGirl #CityGram #StayAndWonder #IGGlobalWomensClub #VisualsOfLife #FeatureMeInstaGood #ShareMyStyle #DatingAdvice #HealthyFriendships  Oof. But lonely is when we most want the love, right?  Here's my take on it...⠀ ::⠀ Loving when you're ready ("ready" = fulfilled, liking yourself, feeling good and okay with who/where you are more often than not) is actually for YOUR benefit. If you're feeling sad, lonely, or desperate, you will not make good dating decisions, you will not choose the best possible people or situations for you, and you will not be prepared for the messy, bumpy process of dating, which can include frequent rejection, disappointment, hurt feelings, and misunderstanding. Honoring your personal fulfillment FIRST, will help you in ALL of these areas. ⠀ ::⠀ Looking for love when you're lonely might put a nice band-aid on whatever current misery plagues you, but in the long-term it won't fix those funky feelings or solve your problems. How annoying, I know. 🤦‍♀️ Cause if the whole prince charming/happily-ever-after thing WAS a viable option for solving loneliness or bigger problems, I would've ridden off into like 5 sunsets by now, never to be heard from again. ✌🤣 ::⠀ So in short, do your work. Hire a coach. Work with a therapist. Get curious about what isn't working in your life, and focus on helping yourself through it. Get honest about what it's going to take to feel REALLY AWESOME about yourself and your future, and direct all your energy towards that. Because I can promise you, nothing will attract the right kind of love into your life like choosing yourself, loving your life, and feeling good with with where you are and where you're going. You'll date smarter, bounce back faster, and love better, in the long run.⠀ ::⠀ ps. I saved these words from my sister from another mister, @radicalselflove awhile ago. She KNOWS HER SHIT and is also funny and beautiful and has the best laugh. You'll just love her. I definitely do. xo⠀ • • • • • #InstagramQuotes #QuoteOfTheDay #WordsOfWisdom #CreativeWriting #GirlsWhoWrite #RelationshipGuru #ExploreToCreate #WorldCaptures #LoveLife #RelationshipTips #FreedomThinkers #TravelGirl #CityGram #StayAndWonder #IGGlobalWomensClub #VisualsOfLife #ShareMyStyle #DatingAdvice #HealthyFriendshi  🤣 I can't 🤣 it's just 🤣 too good.  Happy (pants-optional!) Sunday, y'all. • • • • • #Coaching #Mindfulness #LifeCoach #PersonalDevelopment #LoveTheLifeYouLive #WellnessCoach #SelfDevelopment #PositiveMindset #BusinessCoach #VibrateHigher #OnlineCreator #BusinessCoach #WomenSupportingWomen #PersonalDevelopmentCoach #HappinessCoach #WellbeingCoach #TheGirlGang #MakersGonnaMake #FemaleEntrepreneur #MyCreativeBiz #RelationshipCoach #LoveCoach #MotivationalQuote #PursuePretty #FindItLiveIt  PARADIGM SHIFT, y'all!  Please embrace this belief system with the following clarification... :: When you ask THE RIGHT PERSON for what you need, he will absolutely appreciate it, and see it as sexy. The problem is that you really won't know what you're working with until you ask. GULP, I know. ⠀ :: You won't know if he's a, "Wow I appreciate and am even turned on by your openness and directness," kinda guy or a, "Wow I can't believe you would ask me for anything, can't help you sorry," type of guy. The second type of guy? IS NOT YOUR GUY. ❌❌❌ Trust me on this.⠀ :: So please practice (and get comfortable with!) making clear, uncomplicated requests. "Right now I would love it if you would just hear me out, and not try to fix anything." Or maybe, "I need you to tell me how you feel about me more often because I know it, but I still need to hear it. Can you help me with that?" Or perhaps, "I absolutely love when you ask how my mom's treatment is going; it shows me how much you care. Can you check in with me on that more regularly?"⠀ :: Your needs are your needs are your needs, and with the right person, they will never be a burden.  I often remind clients that the goal of dating is not to secure a relationship, but to see someone for who they truly are, and what kind of partner they will be. Asking for help, sharing your needs, and making fair requests are really fantastic ways to uncover what a relationship with a person is going to be like. If you're met with a lot of resistance, hedging, or defensiveness, that's just not a great sign. ⠀ :: Don't be scared to voice those vulnerable, quaking-in-your-boots kind of wants and needs! YOU HAVE NEEDS AND IT'S CAUSE YOU'RE A HUMAN AND THAT'S ACTUALLY SUPER HOT, OKAY?!  • • • • • #Coaching #Mindfulness #LifeCoach #PersonalDevelopment #LoveTheLifeYouLive #WellnessCoach #SelfDevelopment #PositiveMindset #BusinessCoach #VibrateHigher #OnlineCreator #BusinessCoach #WomenSupportingWomen #PersonalDevelopmentCoach #HappinessCoach #WellbeingCoach #TheGirlGang #MakersGonnaMake #FemaleEntrepreneur #MyCreativeBiz #RelationshipCoach #LoveCoach #MotivationalQuote #PursuePretty #FindItLiveIt  A few weeks ago I left a meeting with a pit in my stomach. 🤦‍♀️ Something felt off and uncomfortable, and it was giving me pause about moving forward with a project. Was I just afraid? Anxious? Misinterpreting things? QUESTIONS ABOUNDED. LET'S JUST GO GET MCFLURRIES. :: But I stopped. I sat in my car and silently asked my gut/heart/intuition/whatever-ya-wanna-call it WTF to do next. I paused. Immediate internal response? "Let it go, this isn't right for you." ✨ Conflict/mixed feelings, followed by a simple 5-second check-in, and BOOM. Clarity. Simplicity. Info. Guidance. Awesome.  :: So if it's that damn easy to know what's right for us sometimes, why the hell do we struggle with it so much? The issues I most often see are that we (a) just don't think to ask ourselves, (b) don't trust the answers that arise, or (c) straight-up ignore the answer because it's not what we want to hear.  Yeaaah I know we've all been there! :: In which case we just stay on the familiar path, and make default choices out of habit or ignorance, and let ourselves get swept up in stuff that will (in time) probably produce more stress, more anxiety, more fear, more discomfort, until it's too late to ignore. But by then it'll be a lot harder to navigate our way out of it.⠀ :: So just remember, sometimes all it takes is a simple moment of checking in with yourself and asking, "Do I want to do this?" or "What makes sense as the next step?" and then NOT SHUTTING DOWN. It's a practice in making yourself available, to yourself. You get to be your own board of directors. Because you have loads of emotional and intuitive guidance at your internal fingertips, and it's time to start using it. Cause when ya don't use it, ya kinda lose it. Or just forget it's even there. So listen in and take your hands off your ears, monkey.   Ladies, don't settle for anything less than a pair of baseball mitt-sized paws to handle that EPIC crown of yours. Ya hear?! 🤣 ::⠀ My friend @rachelkalman and I were talking last week about how easy it's been for us to "shrink" in some of our past relationships. To make ourselves small, to deny our big truths, to forego our inner knowing or personal power as a sacrifice to the relationship. So things could roll along, stay at status quo, and we didn't ruffle any big precious man feathers.  Unfortunately I don't know a smart, strong, fiery woman alive who hasn't committed to some version of shrinkage to fit into some guy's world. And it kinda sucks. ⠀ ::⠀ I love this quote because it highlights the reality of most of those relationships. We were never too much, he just couldn't hold it all. And that's not his fault or our fault, it's just who we both were, and the only way we knew how to be at the time. The good news is that we get to move forward with that awareness and decide NO MORE SHRINKING. No more lying to yourself about what you need, how you feel, or what you know. No more pretending for anyone else's sake that you are any less magnificent and powerful than you are. Oh. Fuck. No. We're done with that. All of us. Agreed?⠀ ::⠀ There are big-hearted, big-handed  men who won't be intimidated by your greatness, won't take it for granted, and won't feel threatened. They'll be proud. Excited. Honored. Humbled. Thrilled. Beside themselves that they get to love and honor and cherish you. And vice versa. Doesn't that sound frickin rad, ladies? Yes. So choose. more. that. #bigcrown #bighands #orbust  • • • • • #ChooseHappiness #AttitudeOfGratitude #ParadigmShift #PowerOfPositivity #LiveToTheFullest #PositivePsychology #CreateYourOwnHappiness #WellnessCoaches #MindsetCoach #MindsetShift #WellnessCoaching #OnTheBlog #WomenInBusiness #CommunityOverCompetition #CreativeEntrepreneur #WorkLifeBalance #HandsAndHustle #WomenInBiz #RelationshipAdvice #SavvyBusinessOwner #CalledToCreate #WomenOwnedBusiness #DontQuitYourDayDream #InspirationalQuote #relationshipgoals  I say some version of this A LOT in my coaching work and it typically elicits some wide eyed, "Wait--really?!" responses.  :: No one owes me anything? People can treat me poorly? Someone can love me and then betray me? Commit to me and later change their mind? Say they had a great time on our third date and then disappear, never to be heard from again?? That's ALLOWED?⠀ :: Honest, adult, hold-onto-your-hats answer: YES. I know--wt actual fuck. Now that doesn't mean we have to ENJOY any of the above, or in cases where we do have a choice, tolerate it. It just means we need to come to terms with this reality: You will never, ever, ever have ultimate control and sovereign ownership over how others receive you and treat you. Evah evah. And we exhaust ourselves in our attempts to make this not-so. We focus on the wrong person, the unhappy relationship, we unpack/rehash/condemn/make them wrong for years and years and years, existing solely in a space of victimhood and resentment, and never tend to the real issue at hand.⠀ :: Which is that YOUR OPINION AND TREATMENT OF YOURSELF WILL ALWAYS REIGN SUPREME. And when you stop the complaining and blaming and condemning of others, and just tend to appreciating and respecting your fine-ass self, you get to 1) stop caring what anyone else thinks of you, 2) stop letting past experiences dictate your present feelings, 3) let go of relationships that aren't serving you, 4) feel lighter, happier, freer, stronger, and more solid ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  :: Don't waste anymore time trying to make someone see your side when they have no interest. Stop making a case for your suffering. Stand up and decide that you get to take care of you, and sometimes that's all you can do. I promise it's better than the alternative.  • • • #InstagramQuotes #QuoteOfTheDay #WordsOfWisdom #CreativeWriting #GirlsWhoWrite #RelationshipGuru #ExploreToCreate #WorldCaptures #LoveLife #RelationshipTips #FreedomThinkers #TravelGirl #CityGram #StayAndWonder #IGGlobalWomensClub #VisualsOfLife #FeatureMeInstaGood #ShareMyStyle #DatingAdvice #HealthyFriendships  THIS. YES. THIS FOREVER.  When you finally start shining your unique light very brightly, very unapologetically, all the right ships starting lining up at your sweet dock. Make way, babes. ⛴ • • • #Coaching #Mindfulness #LifeCoach #PersonalDevelopment #LoveTheLifeYouLive #WellnessCoach #SelfDevelopment #PositiveMindset #BusinessCoach #VibrateHigher #OnlineCreator #BusinessCoach #WomenSupportingWomen #PersonalDevelopmentCoach #HappinessCoach #WellbeingCoach #TheGirlGang #MakersGonnaMake #FemaleEntrepreneur #MyCreativeBiz #RelationshipCoach #LoveCoach #MotivationalQuote #PursuePretty #FindItLiveIt  A funny thing happens when we're out there in the dating jungle, and we're hungry, and we're tired, and we're lonely, and feeling a little lost...we sometimes forget what we KNOW, in favor of what (or who) is in front of us. Cause when you're hungry/lonely/lost, everyone starts to look sorta delicious. :: Maybe you know that you have a tendency to go for the unavailable guy, or the emotionally shut down dude, and it usually leads to heartache. Maybe you know that you have a bad habit of trying to fix people, or save people, and it just doesn't work out in the long run. Maybe you know you need a kind, thoughtful, reeeally good listener, but dammit--those self-absorbed, cocky fellas just GETCHA EVERY TIME! :: Please, please, please: Do not forget what you know. Do not let your patterns or persuasions get the best of you, and keep you straying off the path of what know you want, or what you know you need. ⠀ :: And if you DON'T know? Simply start discovering and deciding. Look at past relationship experiences and identify what didn't work. Work with a coach, or a therapist, and get clear on what you want, and what you know works or doesn't work for you relationship-wise. Start declaring what you know to yourself, and to others. "I can't get involved with someone who is unavailable--emotionally, geographically, or otherwise. I can't. I know this." :: The more honest you are with yourself (and others) about your own self-knowledge, the easier it is to avoid the same unhappy patterns or sad relationship cycles. So do not forget it. Write it down. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself! Just remember what you know. • • • #ChooseHappiness #AttitudeOfGratitude #ParadigmShift #PowerOfPositivity #LiveToTheFullest #PositivePsychology #CreateYourOwnHappiness #WellnessCoaches #MindsetCoach #MindsetShift #WellnessCoaching #OnTheBlog #WomenInBusiness #CommunityOverCompetition #CreativeEntrepreneur #WorkLifeBalance #HandsAndHustle #WomenInBiz #RelationshipAdvice #SavvyBusinessOwner #CalledToCreate #WomenOwnedBusiness #DontQuitYourDayDream #InspirationalQuote #relationshipgoals


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