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 TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH . Happy Friday, you lovely weirdos.  We might love the black and white idea of choices breaking up into neat 'n clean little piles of HELL YES's and HELL NO's...but life is anything but black and white--have you noticed? If I only said yes to the stuff I felt 100%, HELL YES on-board with in my life (whether it be in love, in business, in what to eat for dinner some nights), I'd be a fucking sitting duck. I'd be twiddling my thumbs instead of making the necessary decisions and moving forward even though I wasn't completely sure. Sometimes a HELL MAYBE needs to be enough. Sometimes just feeling a slight tug to move in a new direction, or the tiniest inkling that you should maaaaybe give that thing/person/experience a try....sometimes that's all that you're gonna get. And it's ok to not be sure, and choose anyway. It's fine to remember that you're allowed to roll the dice, you're allowed to take the risk, you're allowed to change your mind, to make mistakes and recover and reroute. That is LIFE. Investing in the small-minded principle that there are designated goods and bads, rights and wrongs, hell yes's and no's--that's a tough spot to be in babe. I don't find that life shows up in that way for most of us. So if you've been waiting for a lightning bolt of HELL YES to come crashing through the clouds so you can finally give yourself permission to make that decision and move forward, keep waiting. But if you just need some permission to move forward anyway, without being 100% sure, it's yours. Consider this your sign. Hell maybe, indeed.  My mother hates that I curse on camera. HATES IT. She's one of my biggest fans but she'll always plead, "Amy, do you HAVE to swear so much?!"  My response? Fuck no, but I'm going to anyway! (Ok but I would never actually say that to my mom cause UM ARE YOU CRAZY. ) But I have to live my life, and make decisions, and do what's good and right for me, and it is not my job (nor is it yours) to tiptoe around trying to make anyone, even those closest to me, feel good/relaxed/comfy-cozy with my choices. If there is something you must do because it calls to you, or it makes your heart sing in some weird way, and you can't ignore the call anymore, please--get on with it already. Don't worry about it making sense to anyone else. It's ok to be/act/look/feel differently than other people. It's a given. And to whitewash yourself or hold back because you're worried about it being okay with everyone is really exhausting, and a complete slap in the face to the person you are becoming. You have to decide what works for you. You have to choose things, people, identities, and clothes that really resonate with you, and own that it's not your job to get anyone but you on board with the shape your life is taking. Not. Your. Job. This is seldom easy but often necessary. Trust that the ones who truly love you will find a way to preserve your relationship and make it work. Thankfully, my mom did. F-bombs and all. #imlucky #lovemymom #sorryforsayingfuckallthetime ❤️  TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT. I'll be going live right here on IG to talk through all the weird, wacky feelings that often come up as a result of Valentine's Day. Then I'm answering all of the questions. And by "all" I mean "most" slash "the really good ones".  So bring your BEST Q's and an open heart tonight at 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST. I'm sooooo exciiiiited!!! ❤️  I get pissed off at the vast amount of internet propaganda pushing everyone to quit their jobs and live their dreams. Internet culture and stupidly simplistic advice like "LIVE YOUR PASSION! JUST DO IT! SWOOSH!!" has bullied so many into feeling like they're cowardly, weak, sell-outs for sticking to a 9-to-5 or maintaining a hobby or passion without turning it into a profitable existence. My passion and hobby became my profitable existence and of course - it's really fucking cool, but everyday ain't magical sunshine daisies and rainbows. There are moments and days where I genuinely miss waiting tables or working an espresso bar. For various reasons. I witness so many wonderful, smart people creating PAIN for themselves because they feel like they should be out there living some other life that's much more exciting or adventurous or daring or bold than the one they currently have. And there is time for that, beautiful, but do not forsake the life you are living now for a fantasy of what "should be". What should be is right in front of you. Your current reality is what should be - so you can either make peace with it or use it as rocket fuel to propel you to what's next. It's okay to want more for yourself, but not at the cost of diminishing or despising what you already have. And you aren't a loser for wanting health insurance, stability, or a 401k. I don't care what any wanderlusting, wildly successful digital nomad says on HuffPo. You're perfectly fine and okay where you are. Breathe into that one. We all need to hear it (and really believe it) a little more often.  Remember my "1 Word for 2017" video? Today I'm completely living into mine: CHERISH. I'm making this year about doing things and feeling things and appreciating things completely for however long I get to have them in my experience. Tonight I decided to buy some flowers inspired by a bouquet my beautiful soul friend @mbakerwellness shared online (ps. she's amazing). I might normally shrug off this kind of purchase, labeling it "impractical" or "unnecessary". But damn, I'm cherishing the shit out of this arrangement right now. And now I get to go cherish some dinner, and then cherish an at-home pedicure, followed by catching some seriously cherished Zzz's. Big or small, we deserve to have and do and feel nice things.  What's something you can take a moment to cherish from today?  Even the things you think make you ugly are precious treasures. And treasure ain't ugly. #ownit #loveit #hellyes #happysunday   Growing and evolving and learning and becoming and all of's never over, is it? This is great news and sometimes annoying news, which is why I just put up a video (on my YouTubes) talking about how we don't always have to WORK SO HARD at this stuff. Sometimes we just wake up and realize we're totally different than we were 6 months ago or 4 years ago or hell, last week! You're changing and becoming all the time. So you can relax. Take it easy. It's totally cool to take a break from the dance floor.  ps. If you'd like to hear more and find out where I'm traveling to next in the #amygoeswest saga, head to my channel and watch the latest vid!  Stop hiding. Stop lying. Stop pretending something works for you when it doesn't. Stop acting like you don't want it. Stop talking shit about it. Stop ignoring your instincts, impulses, and desires. Stop faking it. Stop turning it down. Stop saying "no" when you want to say "yes". Stop shielding yourself. Stop quieting your inner wisdom. Stop acting like it's good enough if it's not.✋ Love wants to find you, but you need to help it out sometimes sweetheart. Come out of your hiding place and watch what happens.❤️  It's called standards, people.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve, fam!!  Xoxo  You giving yourself the necessary credit, sweet thang? There was probably a time when you questioned how the hell you would be okay or heal from the overwhelming hurt. AND YA DID IT. Somehow. You might not even know how, but you flippin' figured it out. How exceptionally badass, resilient, and human of you.❤️️ Notice that journey. Take courage in your own strength. And if you're right in the middle of the mucky-muck-impossible-can't-breathe pain? Know that you are SO not alone, and dare to believe that eventually YOU WILL BE MORE THAN OKAY. And notice how even in the muck, you're still handling it. You're breathing and checking your phone and getting out of bed (at some point ). Give yourself credit. Very regularly. Xo  We do this and our partners do it too. Except when we do it, we often feel that we have very good reasons (often excuses) for why change isn't happening yet. We swear we WANT to do something differently, we just haven't cracked the code on how... And yet when others don't follow through on their intentions, we develop a short fuse and can't. fuckin. deal. We give ultimatums. We call them out. We wonder why they can't just do what they say they'll do?! Hmmm...a wee bit hypocritical, no? In a perfect world we would all be following through on our thoughtful intentions 1000% of the time, but that's just not gonna happen. The best we can do is notice when our thinking and wishes for ourselves doesn't match our behavior, and course-correct. The same is true for our partners. Notice, and course-correct. Sometimes that means having a hard conversation. Sometimes that means being patient. And sometimes it means saying goodbye. Only you can know what's right for you, for him or her, and for the relationship. But most importantly, hold yourself to a higher standard before you dare to hold anyone else that high. Want more for yourself, and DELIVER, so when someone else can't/won't, you actually have the right to call them out or ask for more. It starts with you. (What else is new? )   When you know something or someone just ain't right, you KNOW, but you might be waffling back and forth because: a) familiarity is mad comfortable. b) you're afraid this is as good as it gets. c) you just plain suck at saying "thanks, but no thanks." d) any combo of the above OR some other lame reason. Bottom line? Practice turning down the wrong opportunity, the wrong guy, the unfortunately incorrect next option or move. Respect yourself enough to know the right, better, best thing is just around the bend. Booyah, babe.
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Feeling good and getting what you want doesn’t need to be hard.

Get inspired every week with fresh, fun, practical insights on life and love.

Feeling good and getting what you want doesn’t need to be hard.

Get inspired every week with fresh, fun, practical insights on life and love.

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You look like someone who appreciates a solid dose of honesty and wit, so here goes:


This ain’t your Grandma’s cookie-cutter, “drink your green juice and go to yoga,” brand of well-being. If you’re looking for someone who will write you a prescription for positive thinking and a fresh batch of crystals, I am probably not your girl.


I am definitely your girl, however, if you:

– Have a low tolerance for BS.

– Love a good laugh.

– Get your kicks exploring new ways of thinking and being.

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This is real life, homies. And I’m a real life coach. I know my stuff, and I wanna share it with you.


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